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District Staff Forms

Two (2) forms are listed below and MUST be completed for all trips.

*District Field Trip Request Form
*Transportation Request Form

Both forms require your Building Administrator's approval.

The Transportation Request Form MUST be completed to use any Chelsea School District Transportation vehicle, including the box truck, school bus, multi-purpose bus, or van. The quickest and easiest way to do this is by email.


  1. Download and Open The Transportation Request Form.
  2. "Save As" to Word and keep this as your master form. For the master form, you can enter any information that remains the same for future trip requests. You are now working in your own word file and not the internet.
  3. Do a second "Save As" to whatever you want to call this trip request. (Example: Biology Trip/Date, Greenfield Village/Date) You should add the date of the trip in your description.
  4. At this point, you need to add all pertinent information for this trip request. (Example: Date/Times/Destination/Number of Passengers/etc.)
  5. Now send this completed form (as attachement) to your Building Administrator AND the Transportation Office. 
  6. Once the transportation office receives your Building Administrator's approval, an email will be sent to the initiating staff member and Building Administrator that all paperwork is on file and that the trip is now scheduled.
  7. Questions? Don't hesitate to contact The Transportation Department.

734-433-2274 (office)
734-433-2217 (fax)