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Multilingual Learners

Chelsea School District serves its population of English Learners with various instructional supports in order to improve their English skills and be able to participate fully in their academic and social experiences in our schools and community. 

Basic Terminology:
ESL = English as a Second Language (this is the class)
ML = Multilingual Learner (the person)
MLC = Multilingual Coach (the instructor)
LEP = Limited English Proficient (interchangeable with ELL); AKA Emergent Bilingual

Assessment of ELs:
The WIDA ACCESS for ELLs Michigan's state-wide, standardized test that assesses the progress of English language learners on an annual basis. Every ELL student in grades K-12 in the ELL Program participates in the WIDA ACCESS for ELLs.

Andrea Franco

Chelsea High School Assistant Principal, District Multilingual Learner and Equity Coordinator
Chelsea High School, CHS Admin

Shawn Sinacola

English Teacher, Multilingual Coach (Y5-5)
Chelsea High School