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Facility Use

The Chelsea School District makes many of its facilities available for rent by residents outside of the normal school day.  Some of the most popular facilities include one of the two full-service auditoriums, the Cameron Pool at Beach Middle School, many of the gymnasiums, and numerous classrooms and large meeting rooms.

The 100 buliding at the Washington Street Education Center (WSEC) has several rooms and spaces available for rent even during the normal school day.  A full listing of spaces available and the rates charged for each space depending on status of the user or group is below. 

Review facility availability.  Users will need to create an Eleyo account as well as request a facility use account.  Once your account is active, you will be able to review the calendar for availability as well as make requests for reservations.  If you have additional questions you can also use the contact information below:

Facility Use Coordinator - Ms. Sue Reynolds
Phone: (734) 433-2200, Ext. 6300
Fax: (734) 433-2218


Facility Use Groups and Usage Requirements

Facility Use Rates


Dana Field Availability

Auditorium and Pool Information