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Business and Finance

Welcome to the Chelsea School District Financial section. In order to keep the community abreast of the ongoing changes in our financial position, we have posted financial information on our main web page under the Transparency Reporting Icon. Here you will find the current budget, current financial statements, contracts currently in place, summary information on personnel and operating expenditures along with other financial information that we use to keep our community informed.

In addition to internal documents posted, there is also a link at the bottom of our home page to the Michigan Education Dashboard. Through this link you will be able to view not only Chelsea School District education financial/educational information, but information from all school districts in the State of Michigan.

Should you have any additional questions regarding the financial operations of the District, please don't hesitate to contact the Finance Office at (734) 433-2208.

Business and Finance Staff

Nicole Darby

Nicole Darby

Titles: Chief Financial Officer